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Glen Gery Modular Aberdeen Cored

Glen Gery Brick

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Item Number: 165-00-782


***Located in Laguna Niguel & San Bernardino, limited to stock on hand. New orders will reflect current price. Unit Specifications: Glen-Gery papercut brick are manufactured to conform to the ASTM International Standard Specification C 216, Grade SW and all grades of ASTM International C 62. Dimensional Tolerances: Glen-Gery papercut brick are manufactured to achieve specific dimensional tolerances. The dimensional tolerances of the product are intended to be within the requirements of ASTM International C 216, Type FBS. The tolerances for various unit dimensions are typically: Thickness, 1/8"; Height, 3/32"; Length over 6" up to 8", 1/4", over 8", 5/16". Generally, the product ordered will contain a number of units which are under or over the specified dimension. Finishes: Glen-Gery papercut brick are available in a wirecut, sand finish.