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Dee Gee (Decomposed Granite)

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Item Number: SXDG or SDG

Sold in 50 lb. Bag or 1/2-yard Scoop


Decomposed granite is reddish-brown in color. It starts out as granite rock. As it decomposes, it becomes what is commonly known as decomposed granite gravel. Decomposed granite gravel is high in trace minerals, very organic and environmentally safe.

Approximate Coverages:

50lb Bag = 4 sq feet @ 2" deep

1/2 yard scoop = 80 sq feet @ 2" deep

Product application

Foundation fill, driveways, patios (as a base for rock & pave stones), ranch roads, etc. Riding arenas, horse stalls, dog runs. Hike & bike trails, running and walking tracts, playgrounds. Landscaping, flower beds, soil mixtures, mulches. Xeriscape, botanical gardens, cactus gardens.