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Crushed Gravel 3/4"

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Item Number: SAKSXG or SG

Sold in 50 lb. Bag or 1/2-yard Scoop


An unconsolidated mixture of rock fragments or pebbles. Depending on your project needs, this item is conveniently sold by weight or volume. Units of measure available include a sack, pound, ton, scoop, half scoop and hopper. We also offer special discounted pricing by the truckload.

Product application

Gravel rock may be used in a variety of recreational, environmental, municipal, industrial, commercial and decorative landscape projects. Common usage includes decorative ground cover, walkways, planters, driveways, water wise landscaping, oriental gardening, water scaping, Koi ponds, dog runs, erosion control, golf courses, aggregate roofing and exposed aggregate concrete.