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Multicoat Vapor Shield Concrete Cure and Sealer

Multicoat Corporation

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Item Number: 01-vs-2953


VAPOR SHIELD is a chemical hardener, densifier, soluble chloride reducer used over bare concrete prior to cementitious overlay applications. Vapor Shield blocks and reduces vapor emissions through the concrete but leaves concrete breathable. It blocks hydrostatic pressure up to 20 psi. It does not alter the color of concrete, nor does it make the surface slippery or less slippery. Vapor Shield helps to reduce dust on floors. It reduces the green window from 28 days to an average of 5 days.

Product application

Blocks & Reduces Vapor Emissions Leave Concrete Breathable Purges Soluble Chlorides Does not alter Bonds Reduces Green Concrete window to 5 days Average Blocks Hydrostatic Pressure up to 20 PSI Hardens and Densifies Concrete Helps to Dust Proof Floors Non Harzardous Cures and Seals Concrete Click for Vapor Shield Information, Use & Application Guide