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Sienna Embossed Top Tumbled Desert Blend


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As shown in the photo - 3 pieces random 1. 31% 9x9, 41% 6x9, 28% 6x6. Acker-Stone Concrete Interlocking Pavers are an alternative to traditional paving mediums, including concrete and asphalt. They are available in a wide variety of standard shapes and colors. Non-standard shapes and colors require a written quotation from the manufacturer and may require a mold charge. Benefits of Concrete Interlocking Pavers: Increases curb appeal Paving stones never crack or wear out, Skid-resistant, Low maintenance, Paving stones do not retain heat. Paving stones withstand seismic movement without cracking, Paving stones withstand expansive soil conditions without cracking Mortarless joints, and have no grout to crack or chip out Note: Squares and Rectangles are sold separately.

Product application

Acker-Stone Concrete Interlocking Pavers are a suitable paving solution for commercial and residential projects including parking lots, airport pavements, median strips, streets, patios, decking, balconies, courtyards, walkways, driveways, pathways and pool surroundings