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Rocky Mountain Silver Select Flagstone

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Item Number: RMSSF


The Rocky Mountain Silver Select flag is a shimmering silver quartzite with very little reddish-brown streaking and like all of the stone in the Rocky Mountain Quartzite family it is durable and low maintenance. It is available in two more very popular colors: a dazzling gold and a radiant charcoal. All colors have shiny silver mica specks running throughout the surface of the pieces, therefore making them literally "sparkle"

Product coverage

3/4" Minus Select Flag = Approximately 180 - 200 SF/TON

2" Patio Flag = Approximately 70-80 SF/TON

Product application

For paving applications, we carry the 3/4" minus select in all three colors and the 2" patio in gold and silver only. Depending on the thickness allowed for your project, these are all excellent materials to use inside the house on an entryway or kitchen floor, or outside on a walkway, patio or around a pool.