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Random Belgium Slate

Proline Decorative Concrete

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Item Number: RS160


Love the look of natural random stones with the rugged texture of slate? Proline's Random Belgium Slate gives you stones ranging in size from approx. 8" x 10" to 12" x 18". Each stone has a lightly hammered edge and defined grout lines for a natural quality. A single tool application, and as with all Proline's patterns, this stamp comes in a thin-flex mat for finishing edges and against walls. Belgium Slate adorns the background of these stately stones. Consider accenting this piece with any of our many Band and Border Tools. Manufactures recommended set: 6 RS160 1 RS160F (Thin-flex) 2 2BE (Belgium Slate Seamless Touch-up Skin) 2 2BEF (Belgium Slate Seamless Superflex Touch-up Skin) 1 WHE (Hammered EdgeTouch-up Wheel) 1 HT12H (12" Hammered Edge Chisel)