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Proline Dura Flat

Proline Decorative Concrete

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Item Number: DURAFLAT


DURA-FLAT is an easy to use matting agent additive for Proline’s solvent-based sealers when a Satin/Matte finish is desired. 


Add to Proline’s solvent sealer to bring down the shine to a Satin/Matte sheen. Ideal applications for stamped concrete, broom finish, acid stained concrete, patios, driveways/sidewalks and many more interior and exterior concrete where a low shine, satin finish is preferred. 


  • Excellent suspension characteristics 
  • Reduce inventory & save storage space oppose to offering 2 separate sealers. 
  • Never run out of stock of matte sealer as long as you stock DURA-FLAT 
  • Easily transforms a high gloss sealer to a matte finish 
  • Contains 0 g/L VOC content. 


Surface must be dry, porous and free of foreign contaminants. Remove efflorescence, oil, dirt, wax, old paints, sealers, and curing compounds. Rinse thoroughly. Allow surface to fully dry. Substrate and air temperature must be between 40°F to 85°F. 


Combine the desired amount to Proline’s high gloss sealer. Mechanically mix with a jiffy type mixer for a minimum of 2 minutes, making sure the DURA-FLAT additive is mixed thoroughly. It is very important to mix thoroughly to ensure best result. Not mixing correctly may result in an uneven finish where there are high shine areas and matte areas.