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Proline Appian Cobble Stone - Rental

Proline Decorative Concrete

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Item Number: CS400-R


This historic pattern is a replication of the Via Appia, the oldest and most celebrated road built in Italy in 300BC by Roman Censor Appius Claudius Caecus. These beautiful cobbles are offered in two sizes- see our Appian Cobble Stone Large Stone for a larger scale version of this pattern. Our Appian Cobble Stone stamps consist of an A & B side. This allows for a more open, less repetitive pattern. The look of Old World Cobble with the durability of concrete. RENTAL SET CONSISTS OF THE FOLLOWING ITEMS: 3 EACH CS400A MATS 3 EACH CS400B MATS 1 EACH CS400F FLEX 2 EACH 2FG 20X20 FLAMED GRANITE TOUCH UP SKIN

Product application

Sepulveda Building Materials rents PROLINE Decorative Concrete Stamps, Texture Skins and Tools. Daily and Weekly rates available. Special rates available with the purchase of Color Hardener, Release Powder and Sealers.