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Multicoat Scratch Kote 2000

Multicoat Corporation

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Item Number: SK-2953

SCRATCH KOTE 2000 is a super bonding synthetic resin modified cementitious coating which forms a hard, rough textured base coat, securely bonding to a properly prepared pool, spa or pond substrate. SCRATCH KOTE 2000 provides an ideal surface to which new pool plaster will firmly bond by both mechanical and chemical means. It is similar to gunite in both appearance and function.

COVERAGE Each 65 lb. bag as described under “APPLICATION” will cover approximately 175-200 sq. ft. (rolled) or 250-350 sq. ft. (sprayed). Coverage will vary depending on porosity and condition of substrate.

PACKAGING AND STORAGE SCRATCH KOTE 2000 – furnished in 65 lb. bags. Store in dry area at 40°-90°F. Shelf life is approximately 24 months in unopened bags.

  • Minimum Down Time
  • Substantially Reduces Labor and Equipment Costs
  • Eliminates Excessive Substrate Preparation. No Need for Chip-Outs or Axing
  • Even Suction While Plastering – Smoother Plaster Finish
  • Substantial Savings on Plaster (Marcite) Materials
  • Virtually Eliminates “Pop Outs”
  • Trim Tile, New or Old, Can be Placed on Steps and Seats During SCRATCH KOTE Application