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Multicoat Mulasticoat

Multicoat Corporation

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Item Number: 01-G-2953, 01-2953


MULASTICOAT is a unique latex waterbased coating which forms an elastomeric waterproofing membrane with excellent bonding characteristics to most building materials. MULASTICOAT has a wide variety of waterproofing applications, including roof repairs, tank lining, water moats, reflection pools, shower pans, between slab membranes, etc. MULASTICOAT also functions as the waterproofing membrane of the fire resistant MULTICOAT SLATEX ABOVE GRADE WALKING DECK, ROOF SURFACING SYSTEM, and the BELOW GRADE WATERPROOFING SYSTEM.

Product application

Substrate must be structurally sound and free from grease, oil, dirt, dust, sealers, water repellents and other foreign materials which may interfere with proper bonding. Shot blasting, sand blasting, or water sand blasting with minimum 3,500 psi may be necessary over some surfaces to achieve proper bonding. (Note: In some cases over existing concrete in submerged conditions a primer coat of KRETE KOTE or SCRATCH KOTE may need to be applied to substrate to create even suction for Better Bonding.)