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Multicoat Krete Kote 2000 - Gray

Multicoat Corporation

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Item Number: KKG-2953

Krete Kote 2000 is a polymer modified cementitious material, mixed with water and applied to concrete surfaces to re-store, beautify and protect the underlying concrete. Patterns, colors and designs can be created to make the area attractive and skid resistant. Bags of Krete Kote are available in two colors, white and grey. Additional colors can be created by the addition of our Liquid Dye Colorants.

COVERAGE: Each 65 lb. KRETE KOTE 2000 as described under “APPLICATION on the Instruction Sheet,” will cover approximately 125-150 sq. ft. depending on surface conditions(2 coats) or 65 sq.ft. (3 coats).

PACKAGING AND STORAGE: KRETE KOTE 2000 are furnished in 65 lb bags. ACRATHANE COLORSEAL is furnished in 1 and 5 gallon containers. Store in dry area at 40°- 90°F. Shelf life is approximately 24 months in unopened bags and approximately 18 months in unopened pails.

  • Bonds securely to structurally sound concrete
  • Easy to apply and cost effective
  • Fast curing time – short down time
  • Resistant to moisture penetration, salt spray and most chemicals
  • High flexural strength – will withstand moderate flexing, unlike most concrete repair coatings
  • High impact resistance
  • Multiple decorative anti-skid finishes and designs are available
  • Water base – environmentally safe to use and apply