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Mexican Beach Pebble Mixed 1/2"- 1"

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Item Number: SXMBP121M-50 or MBP121M

Sold by 50lb Bag or Priced per 3000 lb Basket


The Mixed Mexican Beach pebble is a smooth black, tan, and white pebble picked off the beaches and sorted to 1/2"-1" in size.  

* If interested in full basket pricing, please call one of our sales associates.

* If purchasing by the basket, there will be a $25 deposit for the wood pallet.

Approximate Coverages:

50lb Bag = 4 sq feet @ 2" deep

3,000lb Basket = 160 sq feet @ 2" deep

Product application

Industrial, commercial and decorative landscape projects. Common usage includes decorative ground cover, walkways, planters, driveways, water wise landscaping, oriental gardening, waters-caping, Koi ponds, dog runs, erosion control, golf courses, aggregate roofing and exposed aggregate