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Lompoc Oatmeal Tumbled Flagstone

Lompoc Stone

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Item Number: LPTMF15 and LPTMF


The Lompoc Oatmeal Tumbled Flagstone is a creamy tan colored stone with some gold and gray highlights (dark gray will fade in sunlight) tumbled to soften up the edges. Pieces will range from 8"x8" up to 14"x 14" and are approximately 1-1/2" thick (#LPTMF15).

Also available in a 2" thickness #LPTMF2

Product coverage

70-90 sf/ton

Product application

Residential or commercial applications for paving, walkways, patios, entries, floors, decks, driveways, veneer for interior or exterior walls, columns, fireplace faces, chimneys, barbecues, planter veneers, waterfalls, water features, ponds, swimming or natural pools, seats, stair treads, lampposts, column cap, pool and spa coping, etc.