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Lompoc Country 2" Seamface Strip Thin Veneer

Lompoc Stone

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Item Number: LPC2SFTV and LPC2SFTVC


The Lompoc Country 2" Seamface thin veneer flats are a blend of our oatmeal and scrambled egg color with a creamy tan body and vivid gold, white and gray highlights. Pieces of the natural seam face side are saw cut into 2" heights and random lengths ranging from 6" and longer. The 2" Country Seamface can be used by itself, or it is also used quite frequently blended with the 4" and 6" heights. It is usually laid dry with no mortar joints so please figure a little extra material if you are laying in a dry stack type application. This can be laid with joints if preferred. 

Also available in corner pieces #LPC2SFTVC

Product application

Residential and commercial, indoor or outdoor applications for: fireplace faces, chimneys, barbecues, planters, waterfalls, water features, ponds or natural pool, lampposts, walls and columns.