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Lompoc Cobble 6"x6"x1-3/4"

Lompoc Stone

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Item Number: LPC662


Lompoc Cobble are cut from Lompoc Stone Oatmeal Boulders with "Gray Heart Centers". They are saw cut on all four sides, providing uniform dimensions and easy installation. Lompoc Cobbles are available tumbled and non-tumbled in 2-1/8"x8"s, 4"x4"s, 4"x8"s, 6"x6"s, and 6"x 9"s (+or-1/4"), and they are sold by the pound. Our Cobble is now made at 1-3/4" inches thick (+or-1/4") so they cover more square footage than before. 

Custom thick cobbles are available for "sand setting" in water permeable applications. Custom sizes are available upon request.

Product coverage

90-100 Sq Ft/Ton

Product application

Residential or commercial applications for paving horizontal or nearly horizontal surfaces such as walkways, patios, entries, floors, decks or driveways. Can be set in mortar over concrete or sand set if ordered in a 4" thickness.