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Lompoc 12" Wall Cap Thermal 2 Sides

Lompoc Stone

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Item Number: LPWC122T2S


Lompoc 12" contemporary wall caps come in the standard oatmeal color, sorted to a thickness of 2" thick (+ or - 1/8") and are thermalled on all 4 sides with the width at 12" (+ or - 1/8") and the lengths ranging from 12" to 20"+. 1/2" mortar joints are included when we figure your quantity of stone. For every 12" of wall length, we will deliver 11-1/2" of stone. Example: on a 100' long order we will deliver the stone including this 1/2" joint in our measurements. You will be charged for 100' of stone, but will actually receive 96'.

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Sold by the linear foot. Please see rep on availability

Product application

Finishing tops of walls, seats, lampposts, column cap, hearths, etc.