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Lehigh White Cement

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Portland cement is the most widely used construction material in the world. Lehigh Cement Company has been producing quality Portland cements since 1897. Since its founding over a century ago, Lehigh has built a reputation for serving the construction industry with high performance products that encourage creativity and ensure longevity.

Product application

Lehigh White Type I Portland Cement is recommended for general architectural applications, such as precast concrete, cast-in-place concrete, terrazzo, tile grout, portland cement paint, masonry units, swimming, pools, glass fiber reinforced concrete, surface bonding mortars, ornamental statuary, floor tiles, concrete roof tiles, and concrete products, perimeter security, cast stone pavers; and for traffic safety construction such as concrete median barriers, bridge parapets, guardrails, sound barrier walls, earth retaining walls, refitting curbs and other delineators. Lehigh White Type I Portland cement. may be used as a base to produce vibrant and true colors prized in almost any architectural concrete application.