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Gloves - Wonder Gloves

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Item Number: RT144L


GET: THE ULTIMATE MULTI-PURPOSE NON-SLIP GLOVE! WONDER GLOVES ® provide superior comfort and functionality at a great price! The unique textured latex coated palm and finger tips provide a secure, comfortable non-slip grip that is hard to obtain with hands alone or other cotton canvas, jersey or leather gloves. Wonder Gloves help protect hands against abrasions and cuts yet feel like second skin. They provide unmatched fit and comfort while reducing hand fatigue. They are made of an unique cotton and polyester blend fabric that breathes and absorbs perspiration, keeping the hands comfortable and protected. This strong knit construction eliminates bulky seams†”giving greater dexterity and comfort while reducing hand fatigue. Precision blended cotton polyester knit shell (75% cotton) FEATURES: Textured Latex Coating on Palm and Fingers. Tough yet flexible, non-slip grip Durable-resists abrasions/cuts Precision Blended Cotton Polyester Knit Shell (75% Cotton) Comfort and fit-molds to hand Breathable, absorbant Maximum dexterity Construction Seamless construction Finger-tip sensitivity for handling small items Snug knit wrist-keeps dirt out

Product application

These gloves are used in many industries, home use, especially outside work.. such as gardening! Ideal for construction, automotive, manufacturing, material handling, distribution, home and garden.