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Glen-Gery Thin Brick - Bayhill

Glen Gery Brick

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Item Number: BHTB-782


Thin Brick veneer looks like conventional brick masonry wall, yet weighs considerably less. For that reason, it's popular with homeowners for redecorating or renovating existing walls. Glen-Gery's Thin Brick is manufactured using the papercut extruded method. A half-inch slab is cut off the column of clay during the extruding process and immediately replaced. The companion units are fired together. The half-inch Thin Brick section is then separated for packaging. Thin brick comes in a Modular size 1/2† x 2 ¼† x 7 5/8† stretcher and corner units with a papercut finish in 6 colors that meet ASTM C 1088 Grade Exterior, Type TBS standards for durability, uniformity, and quality. All of Glen-Gery†™s Thin Brick colors are available in matching full size brick.

Product application

Interior or Exterior Use †“ Thin brick retains the beauty of brick when building design or other considerations may not permit the use of standard brick masonry, while still meeting the same high standards of uniformity and quality that is achieved with full-size face brick. Fireplaces, brick planters, interior or exterior walls can be done quickly and economically while maintaining durability and richness of genuine Glen-Gery Brick.