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Glen Gery Handmade - Antique Ivory

Glen Gery Brick

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Glen-Gery Authentic Handmade brick is a perfect example of old-world craftsmanship. Each brick is individually formed and placed in a wooden mold to create a wonderfully textured brick...no two being alike. The overall look in the wall is authentic in every way to our early colonial structures. Glen-Gery began practicing this ancient art of brick making in 1850, and it remains a proud tradition today.

Product application

Whether your design is colonial or contemporary, Glen-Gery Authentic Handmade Brick offers an elegant way to create traditional detailing or unique architectural effects. From exquisite face brick and handmade shapes to intricate chimney designs, round columns and stair treads, the possibilities are unlimited as your imagination. The irregular texture and profile give a distinctive look in a wall, unattainable with any other building material.