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Glaze N Seal Stone Color Enhancer / Sealer 1 Quart

Glaze N Seal

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Item Number: SCEQ-713


Offers exceptional "Natural Look" color enhancement and sealing in one product. Recommended for tumbled marble, flamed granite, honed travertine, and other select surfaces that accept enhancement. ADVANCED STONE CARE formula is odor free. A state-of-the-art penetrating sealer for water, oil, and stain resistance the above stone surfaces. Enhances color and seals in one easy step. Forms a barrier that resists moisture, stains and mildew. Is breathable and does not leave a surface coating. May be used as a pre-sealer and as a grout sealer. Features: Intensifies color. Brightens faded stone. Oderless. Resists efflorescence. Safe. Easy application. Long lasting. VOC complaiant.

Product coverage

Varies widely upon porosity and absorbency rate of surface.

Product application

Indoor or outdoor applications. Use on all absorbent stone and tile where color enhancement and stain protection is needed. Vertical and horizontal surfaces. To intensify color. To brighten faded stone. Suitable for: showers, bathrooms, kitchens, stucco finishes, driveways, pool areas, patios, garages, graffiti protection. Caution: Always TEST for suitability prior to total application, insure bonding to surface, ease of application, appearance and oil and grease protection. Always read product label carefully before using!