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Glaze N Seal Natural Look Penetrating Sealer Extra Strength

Glaze N Seal

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Item Number: NSGES-713


Extra Strength Penetrating Sealer is a dependable, economical sealer that provides long-lasting repellency against water, water-based stains, dirt and mildew on porous concrete, masonry and stone surfaces. The sealer actually reacts with carbon dioxide and atmospheric moisture to create a durable repellent barrier. The EXTRA STRENGTH formula is similar to the original Glaze ’N Seal Natural Look Penetrating Formula. It is packed with EXTRA STRENGTH to provide more stain repellency, longer lasting protection with fewer coats on the most porous materials. 

Product coverage

100-700 sq ft/gal depending on the porosity of the surface.

Product application

An invisible waterbase sealer formulated to impart water repellence and dirt reduction to concrete, tile and masonry surfaces with no change in surface appearance. May be used as a presealer or grout release on tile and masonry surfaces. Allow 24 hrs to dry and cure. Solvent (thinner): Water Caution: Do Not allow excess sealer to dry on surface or a white residue may occur. Glass, aluminum, glazed tile and other surfaces should be protected from sealer contact. The alkalinity of this sealer will damage lawns and shrubs; protect with a drop cloth. Always test for suitability prior to total application. Always read product label carefully before using!

Item #NSGES-713