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Glaze N Seal Multi-Purpose Sealer

Glaze N Seal

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Item Number: WBSG-713


Offers unsurpassed low gloss protection for slate, quarry, tile, and other dense tile. This easy to apply, fast drying, non-yellowing acrylic provides a barrier against oil, water, based stains, acids, and efflorescence indoors and outdoors. With excellent UV and abrasion resistance. A clear acrylic waterbase finish designed to protect and beautify tile, concrete and masonry surfaces. Protects against all organic stains including cooking oil, grease and beverages. Non-yellowing formula. Features: Repels oil and grease stains; non-flammable; no harmful vapors; cleans up with water; easy to apply; water repellent; reduces efflorescence, recoatable.

Product coverage

100-400 sq ft/gal dependent on porosity of the surface.

Product application

May be used indoors or outdoors and is easy to apply and maintain. Waterseals, protects and improves appearance of all unglazed tile, stamped and exposed aggregate concrete, brick, natural and manufactured stone, stucco, and slate. Use as a base for interior finishes like Glaze 'N Seal Acrylic Floor Polish. Use to seal concrete and masonry surfaces prior to painting or apply over painted surface for added protection and improved appearance. Use on: quarry tile, Mexican & paver tile, slate, flagstone, colored and hard troweled concrete, brick, terrazzo, stamped concrete, exposed aggregate concrete. It is recommended that Glaze 'N Seal Floor Polish be used as a protective finish over the sealer (indoors only). Sweep and damp mop floor frequently. Caution: All surfaces must be free of efflorescence, dirt, oil, wax, grease and defective paint or sealers. Always test a small area of surface to be sealed to verify penetration and satisfaction of sealed appearance. Always read product label carefully before using!

Item #WBSG-713