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Proline Dura-Liquid Release Agent (Bubblegum Release)

Proline Decorative Concrete

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Proline DURA-LIQUID RELEASE AGENT is for use when stamping freshly poured colored or uncolored concrete or imprint able cementitious toppings. It promotes easy release of stamping and texturing tools and improves results by preventing sticking of wet concrete when the tools are removed from surfaces. The release agent forms a bond-breaking barrier that helps prevent the tools from sticking and marring the pattern in the fragile surface of the fresh concrete or cementitious topping. Proline DURA-LIQUID RELEASE AGENT may be applied on the face of mat-type texturing tools or embossing skins and to the surface of freshly placed concrete flatwork before imprinting. It is suitable for use on surfaces which have been colored with Proline DURA COLOR HARDENER. The pleasant, bubblegum type scent helps to identify the product.

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