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Proline Dura-Form and Mold Release

Proline Decorative Concrete

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Item Number: GFO-4490


Form and Mold Release for Table Top Forms, Edge Detail forms and other uses. Dura Form & Mold Release is a silicone-free release agent that is used to release regular concrete and modified cement systems from polyurethane molds, form-liners and edge-liners. It is specially formulated not to damage polyurethane molds and forms and to promote crisp detail in the finished concrete impression. It can be brushed or sprayed on the mold or form.

Product coverage

200-400 SF Gallon

Product application

Spray Application.-For professional use only. Spray on Dura Form & Mold release with a pump sprayer (atomizer) or trigger sprayer as thinly as possible while making sure to cover all areas of the mold or form-liner. After spraying, brush or wipe the material until it is applied as uniformly as possible. Avoid puddling the material and wipe off any excess release that may have accumulated from application. Concrete may be placed immediately after application. Strip forms as soon as job requirements allow.