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Versatile with unrivaled durability, ORCO manufactured concrete pavingstones (commonly called pavers) are simultaneously aesthetically pleasing yet offering an exceptionally long life cycle. Complementary sized shapes create modules and unique patterns . . . bringing both simple and complex designs to life. Wide palette of colors – blends, solids, and high SRI values – promote mixing to create exceptional personalization for designers and homeowners alike. Aged (also called tumbled), shot blast, and burnish paver finishes further enhance the final product design.


Integrate grand Venetian parquet designs into your project. With our new Diamante pavingstone, it is easy to create simple or intricate Old World geometric patterns. Diamante's large symmetrical shape can be combined with our 4 x 4's, 4 x 8’s and 8 x 8’s in blends or solid colors for parquet patterns that are limited only by your imagination. Available in 60mm only.


Diamante Specifications

Thickness: 60mm
Finish: Smooth
 Edge: Bevel

Shapes Sizes (in) Stones Per Sq Ft Sq Ft Per Pallet
Diamante 5.57 x 13.20 2.5 81
Villa 4 x 4 3.94 x 3.94 9.3 114
Villa 4 x 8 3.94 x 7.87 4.65 124
Villa 8 x 8 7.87 x 7.87 2.32 124

All measurements are approximate.