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Chilton Country Squire Thin Veneer

Buechel Stone

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Item Number: CCSF and CCSC


This Natural Thin Veneer is a lightweight alternative to full veneer and a higher-quality choice than manufactured stone. NTV is a natural stone cut at a wall depth ranging from 3/4 to 1 inch to 1 1/4 inches as compared to full veneer which has a wall depth of 3" to 5". Its lighter weight and thinner profile provide a number of advantages including textures, shades, economic installation, to architects, homeowners, contractors, and masons. Machine split face, sawn backs.

Product application

Indoor and outdoor applications not requiring load bearing qualities. NTV can be used effectively on the gable ends of a home, on zero-clearance fireplaces, archways, or anywhere else weight might be an issue. No ledge or expensive foundation is required.