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Bishops Hat Blended Colors

Angelus Block Company

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Item Number: BH-60-CBC,88SQ-60-C,88SQ-60-B

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Bishops Hat
This five-sided paver’s heritage recalls Italian stones in the shape of a Bishop’s mitre. Bishops Hat’s unique shape creates largescale parquets when used with an 8" x 8" square paver and its clean lines and strong angles can be used to create stunning  arrangements that add style and grace to any project.

Stocked Colors:

Bishops Hat 60 mm
Size (in inches) 9.36 x 11.14
Sq Ft per Stone .51
Stones per Sq Ft 1.94
Sq Ft per Pallet 98
Stones per Pallet 180 Full, 20 Starters
Weight per Stone 13.85 lbs
Weight per Pallet 2632 lbs