Appian Cobble I & II Tumbled Solid Colors

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Appian Cobble
The larger-sized Appian Cobble from Angelus’ Heritage Collection of paving stones — is a reminder of old-world cobblestones. Its softened, rounded “bread loaf” top is scaled proportionately for designs that are larger in scope.

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Appian Cobble I 70 mm
Size (in inches) 6.25 x 9.37
Sq Ft per Stone .40
Stones per Sq Ft 2.46
Sq Ft per Pallet 96
Stones per Pallet 240
Weight per Stone 13.10 lbs
Weight per Pallet 3244 lbs

Appian Cobble II 70 mm
Size (in inches) 6.25 x 6.25
Sq Ft per Stone .27
Stones per Sq Ft 3.69
Sq Ft per Pallet 91
Stones per Pallet 336
Weight per Stone 9.12 lbs
Weight per Pallet 3164 lbs