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1 Yard Concrete 6SX Rotary MIX

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Item Number: 100Y6R

Premixed Concrete-to-Go Trailer carries the premixed concrete you purchase to your jobsite. Premixed Concrete-to-go Customers must have the following items with you at time of purchase and to rent the towable trailer: * A 2† tow ball * Current California driver†™s license or extension * Proof of insurance * Be prepared to pay a deposit & refundable cleaning fee. (It is refundable only if the trailer is clean when returned to our facility). The following vehicles may be used to tow the listed amount of premixed concrete. (Full size vehicles or 3/4 pickups or more are recommended.) Vehicle Type = Maximum Concrete Amount Towed American full size truck ( ½ ton or larger) = 1 yard Bronco†™s = 1 yard Small foreign pickups = ½ yard Import flat beds (large) = 1 yard Import flat bed (small pickup converted) = ½ yard American full size cars (sedans or wagons) = ½ yard IMPORT CARS MAY NOT TOW TRAILERS! Please Note: *1 YARD OF CONCRETE WEIGHS 5,300 LBS.* Trailers must be rented when purchasing this item! We do offer a variety of concrete finishing tools to purchase or rent. For your convenience, please download the Cement Warning and Rental Agreement to read, sign and bring to the store to expedite your purchase. Forms open in a new window. You may need to disable your pop-up blocker. To view the forms you will need Adobe Acrobat ® Reader, which is already installed on most computers and is also available free from Adobe.