Membrane Systems

NAC Products invented the first self-adhering, thin-bed crack isolation membranes. Introduced 25 years ago to protect floors from cracking caused by lateral substrate movement, the original ECB Anti-Fracture Membrane has since been joined by Strataflex and SubSeal for Waterproofing, and SAM3 or Super SAM 125 for Sound Abatement. All four membranes are easy to install and allow for same day tile setting. They each perform efficiently and cost effectively over a variety of substrates and are compatible with radiant-heat and tile warming systems.

Small photo of ECB Anti-Fracture Membrane 3
ECB Anti-Fracture Membrane 3 
The first Elastomeric Crack Bridging membrane ever available, ECB is the original fast track solution for sameday tile setting. ECB handles up to 3/8" lateral substrate movement. Sold per 3' x 50' roll for full floor coverage and soft joint relocation. ECB MEMBRANE... More
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