Landscape - Erosion Control

Empty Sand Bags, Filled Sand Bags, Straw Wattle and anything else needed for flood water control.

Small photo of Jute Mesh
Jute Mesh 
Jute Mesh More
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Small photo of Sand Bags - Filled and Unfilled
Sand Bags - Filled and Unfilled 
Filled sand bags are prefilled with Sand. We also sell the empty plastic bags that you may fill yourself. More
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Small photo of Straw Wattle
Straw Wattle 
STRAW WATTLES™ are tubes of rice straw used for erosion control, sediment control and stormwater runoff control. Each Wattle is 8 - 9 inches diameter, 25 feet long, and weighs about 40 pounds. Straw Wattles of different lengths can be special ordered.... More
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